New Year's Eve 2021/2022

Celebrate your New Year's Eve with vegetarian meal. This year we have both restaurant and takeaway experience. Please see below.



The dinner starts at 18.00 and it ends at 23.00.


Aperitif: A glass of Champagne J.Charpentier Reserve Brut

Cassava chips, tomat cajun dressing //Cassava chips, tomato cajun dressing


Rødbede slik//Beethrooth cotton candy

Fermenteret kåltartelette //  Fermented cabbage tartelette 

 Græskar og mørk chokolade// Pumpkin and dark chocolate

Flambed selleri trøffel //Flambed Celery Truffle

Aquachile // Aquachile



Valnøddebrød, baguette, smør, olie // Walnut bread, baguette, butter, oil 

Radise, calanga og kokos // Radish, calanga, and coconut

El Fanio, albet I Noya, Penedés, Spain // Peach Kombucha

Sunchoke, finger lime og achiote // Sunchoke, finger lime and achiote

Alexandre Bain D´Ange Pouilly Fumé Loire // Pomegranate Milkshake


Salsify, kombu, solsikkefrø og grøn sauce// Salsify, kombu, sunflowers seed and green sauce

Xisto Ilimitado, Douro, Portugal//Passionfruit green tea


Sojabønner, spinat og skalotteløgssauce //Soya Bean, spinach and shallot sauce

La Mujer Caballo, Valencia, Spain//  Pear, Rosemary, Vanilla


Pistacienød, champignon og hvid trøffel // Pistachio, mushroom and white truffle


 Shiraz, Viktoria, Australia// Red Grape



Grapefrugtsorbet, rosmarin og honning // Grapefruit sorbet, rosemary and honey

Knoldselleri, miso, grønt æble // Celeriac, miso, green apple

Attis Rias Baixas Sitta, Galicien, Spanien // Celery, cucumber and dill


Still og sparkling water

​Kaffe/te med petit fours


1950kr per person.

Advanced payment is required via our gift card portal, please click here.

Reservation can be made via our online booking, click here.

For food allergy or vegan meal, please write it in the comment field. Thank you.

Happy New Year!



Cassava chips, tomato cajun dressing
Fermented cabbage tartelette
Beethrooth cotton candy

(Optional): Champagne J.Charpentier Reserve Brut, 650kr per bottle.


Walnut bread, baguette, butter


Radish, calanga, and wasabi

(Optional) Chardonnay, Eric Forest, Pouilly Fuisse, France (475kr per bottle) // Peach Kombucha (85kr per 5L bottle)

Sunchoke, finger lime og achiote

(Optional) Alexandre Bain D´Ange Pouilly Fumé Loire (475kr per bottle)// Pomegranate Milkshake (85kr per 0,5L bottle)

Soya bean, spinach and shallot sauce

(Optional) La Mujer Caballo, Valencia, Spain (525kr per bottle)//  Passionfruit (85kr per 0,5L bottle)


Pistachio, mushroom and white truffle

(Optional) Pinot Noir, Dominique Laurent, Bourgogne (525kr per bottle)// Red Grape (85kr per 0,5L bottle)

Celeriac, miso, green apple

(Optional) Attis Rias Baixas Sitta, Galicien, Spanien (475kr per bottle)// Celery, cucumber and dill (85kr per 0,5L bottle)


675kr per person.

Takeaway order can be placed via email to A pre-payment is required.

Takeaway can be picked up at VeVe restaurant at Dampfærgevej 7, 2100 KBH Ø from 16.00 to 17.00.